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Why become a BNBable Franchisee?
Currently, Airbnb and VRBO are adding additional fees on top of every reservation. Significantly increasing costs for guests.

Additionally, hosts are getting squeezed out by more competition being added to their market everyday and a looming recession that may impact their future bookings.

Guests and hosts are getting frustrated; with many swearing off the STR industry all together.

It's time for a direct booking & fee-free platform owned by locals like you.

To solve this, BNBable doesn't add fees to our reservations. Hosts either pay a flat monthly fee or we charge a 10% commission on each sale. It's up to them.

As each area becomes more competitive, bnb owners will need to stand out and provide more value for their guests.

Our platform give hosts a new way to provide the same bnb without the added fees.

Direct booking gives us the ability to do things the other platforms can't do. We aim to give hosts every possible tool necessary to promote and operate their bnb.

As a franchisee, you'll exclusively own your zip codes and keep 100% of the revenue from the bnbs in your zip code.

By owning your zip codes, you'll be making money each month and building an asset that creates a great living for you and your family.

Franchisee Benefits:
• 100% Commission
You keep 100% of the sales & commissions from your zip code on BNBable.
• Recurring Revenue
Owners can choose to either pay our monthly/annual fee or they can share 10% of their sales revenue with our franchise owners. Giving you both recurring revenue and commission revenue.
• Upgrade Revenue
We encourage you to not just sell our software, but also add photography/videography, training and anything else bnbs need help with. We’re open to adding new upgrades that allow you to earn more from each BNB.
• Instant Business
BNBable is already built and ready for you to instantly start selling in your zip codes. We've taken the risk out of building a product yourself.
• Fast ROI
Our franchise model gives you a fast return on investment. You can be cash flow positive in your first month of business.
• No Upfront Franchise Fee
99% of franchises require a large upfront franchise fee. We don't! You don't need $50k-$100k or more to get started. Our only fee is our monthly franchise fee.
• No Rent or Utilities
As a web franchise, there is no need to pay rent or utilities. This is 100% online and all you need is a phone or computer to start making money. Your only expense is our monthly franchise fee.
• No Debt
Franchises often require large amounts of capital to get started. Most franchise owners need a loan to pay for construction, improvements, rent, utilities, labor and more. All before your first customer comes in the door. As a web franchise, there's nothing to fund upfront. It's all digital. You don't even need employees if you don't want them.

No debt means no bankruptcy and no need to take a second mortgage out on your house.
• No Employees
You can choose to hire team members to help you or not. It all depends on your own strategy and how you want to operate your franchise. We do not require you to hire X number of employees to operate your franchise. It's all up to you.
• Cash Flow Positive
No Rent, No Utilities, No Debt & No Employees means your only expense is our monthly franchise fee and your marketing expenses. You only need to make $999 each month to become cash flow positive. Without these expenses, our franchise model makes you cash flow positive faster than any other franchise.
• Independent Schedule
You work on your schedule, not ours. You’re free to work everyday or take a 6 month vacation. This can be a full-time job for you or a side hustle. It's up to you.
• Exclusive Ownership
You'll exclusively own your zip codes to make as much money as possible in your area.
• Build a Sellable Asset
You'll own an asset that others will want to purchase. You are free to sell your zip code to other BNBable franchisees.
• Cancel Anytime
Our goal is to make sure you're a successful franchise owner. If we fail at anytime, you are free to cancel your ownership and stop paying our monthly franchise fee.

Why should a BNB join?
• More Competitive
Renters will be more attracted to bnbs without added fees.
• More Revenue
By eliminating fees for guests, hosts increase their odds for more inquiries.
• Build Loyalty
Encourage previous guests to come back by offering them exclusive deals to return.
• Get Discovered
BNBable allows guests to favorite a bnbs publicly and we display their favorites on their profile and across our platform.
• Calendar Updates
We automatically sync our calendar with every rentals Airbnb or VRBO calendars.
• Network of Rentals
BNBable is a network of bnb owners...not just a software product. By joining the network, hosts get instant access to guests who’ve already stayed with a BNBable rental.
• Get Feedback
Let customers tell you about their experience during their visit or after.

Common Questions:
How do I make money?
You'll earn money each month from the bnbs you bring on board in your zip code. Our pricing starts at $99/month, $999/year or 10% of sales revenue. You can also add fees for photography, management, cleaning & more.
How much can I make?
As an example, let's assume you have 50 active BNB's in your zip code. That's 50 x $99/month = $4,950/month minus our $999 fee = $3,950/month or $47,400/year.
How much does it cost?
$999/month for each zip code.
Do I own my zip code exclusively?
Yes! You own your zip codes exclusively.
How long will it take to break even?
You could be profitable with one annual signup at $999/year each month. Once you have your monthly franchise fee covered, you'll start making money with BNBable. With 10 monthly signups at $99 each you'll be automatically making money every month. Everything over $999/month is yours to keep.
How do I get paid?
We bill your bnbs monthly on a rolling basis. We payout at the end of each week via direct deposit into your bank account on file. Commissions are paid out at the same time.
Can I sell to bnb managers with multiple listings?
Yes, you can sell to any bnb you choose in your area. We don’t limit your opportunity.
Why do you charge a monthly franchise fee?
Your franchise fees are used to help fund operations, product improvements, hosting and expansion.
Can I sell my zip code?
Yes. It’s an asset. We believe our franchisees should have the right to sell their income stream to other franchisees. The only requirement is that you sell to another franchisee. We will help you make that transfer when the time comes.
What if I don't want to do it anymore?
You can cancel your franchise ownership at any time. If one of your zip codes isn't working out or you simply don't have the time, you can cancel your ownership.